I am a creative professional with over 20 years of experience in the design and photography fields. I love what I do.
My goal is to help pioneer the next evolution of communication. In my work, I combine stunning visuals, smart content and sensible interactivity to create ground-breaking solutions.
I want to create work that is honest, expressive and beautiful. I love working in close collaboration with my clients, and I strive to make that experience as exciting and interesting as the final product. I believe in education, Macs, using my turn signal and listening carefully. Chocolate is one of my guilty pleasures, along with driving fast on windy roads, Tarantino films, and giant bowls of buttered popcorn. Not-so-guilty pleasures include sushi, public transportation, farmers markets, Mark Twain, Amelie, paying the world back, and giving you a bang for your buck. Thank you for visiting my site! I'd love to talk with you and find out how we could work together. Drop me an email at hello@JimCatStudio.com or give me a ring at 206-334-4134 and we'll chat.